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1. Ian Muttoo, Gamifying The Hunger Project How Gamication can assist in the quest to end world hunger 2. Why do we donate money? [ chang ], 3. Are we really helping others? HowardLake, 4. Will Lion, 5. HH nsani Yardm Vakf/TURKEY, Player type: Volunteer Intrinsically motivated 6. SOMBILON ART, MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHY, Player type: Donator Extrinsically motivated 7., Going from just donating money to making a change 8. Onboarding 9. 10 c / 10 p Thank you for visiting our website. You are now contributing to ending world hunger. + 10 c / 10 p 10. 10 c / 10 p You are about to leave our website. Before you leave, would you like to earmark your credits to a village and project of your choice? Name Email address Password Sign up 11. Levels 12. 239 c / 250 p Congratulations! You are now a volunteer in The Hunger Project! Now choose which geographic area you would like to contribute to. 13. The Sims Supporting your village 14. OliBac, Village Chiapas Welcome to your village 15. Points system 16. Help my in the quest to give the village of Chiapas a new well! Hello Steve, I dont know if Ive told you but Im volunteering for The Hunger Project, a great organization with some genuine methods of helping out the poorest areas in the world. I think you should contribute too! Please visit this link to start helping out the village Im currently involved in, Chiapas in Honduras. Were currently looking at raising money for a well. Best regards, Christoffer 17. 239 c / 250 p Thank you for inviting Steve to The Hunger Project. + 100 c / 70 p 18. 7 365 c / 1 000 p Congratulations! You are now a donor in The Hunger Project! Now choose which project you want to start contributing to. 19. Badges 20. 9 678 c / 1 200 p Great job! You have now assisted in raising enough money to build a well in your village. 21. Join The Hunger Project now Weve got work to do and lives to save! 22. Christoffer Hansson Email: Twitter: chris_hansson Website: Disclaimer Please note that this is not an ofcial The Hunger Project presentation but rather an examination presented for Engagement Alliance as part of Udemy course Designing Gamication Level 2 (Expert).