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Masking Tape Activities Flickr.com/photos/jimsef/6473479673/ ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/eltlinks The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. ~ Henry Ward Beecher Masking Tape Flower, Flickr.com/photos/sarabbit/9941924543/ Part of your teacher survival kit Flickr.com/photos/19376640@N00/1249896212/ Benets? Easy to set-up No scissors required Small & light Cheap Peels off most surfaces Can write on it Assess basic understanding or review vocabulary Jump to the left if you are/ are wearing/like Now turn to a peer & discuss Jump to the left if you believe Now debate your position Play hopscotch Flickr.com/photos/47665598@N02/6266326454 Who Am I? ape vocabulary T word he student has T to gure out what they are by asking yes/no ques:ons Handsonaswegrow.com Maze for Sequencing Fish for letters, numbers, words, ashcards, objects Notimeforflashcards.com Sequence story events Flickr.com/photos/23886491@N03/3012250057 Toddlerapproved.com Spider Web Sight Words Engagingtoddleractivities.wordpress.com Follow Directions Racetrack Prepositions themotherhuddle.com Masking Tape Zoo Vimeo.com/63022831 Line activities with predictions Flickr.com/photos/stevendepolo/5749192025/ Word Wall Flickr.com/photos/29458955@N06/2911811787 Tip: Use wax paper Eringirard.blogspot.com Masking Tape Poetry Flickr.com/photos/77071923@N00/2148126018 Once upon a time... Chain Story And the bird The End! Create sentence jumbles for their peers to gure out Flickr.com/photos/38963918@N07/5998075344 Decorate your room Flickr.com/photos/29919101@N03/7040258393 Classroom Wall Calendar Flickr.com/photos/jasoneppink/394726104/ Be creative! Flickr.com/photos/68697343@N00/4935559506/ Pear.ly/cj8vz Bit.ly/eltlinks Pear.ly/cj8vz ShellyTerrell.com